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We are a group of academics, students and staff members of the La Salle Schools and Universities, teaching over 900,000 students in 80 countries around the world.


The La Salle Schools and Universities have as their mission to serve their students through quality education, especially those in greater economic need. Similar goals are reflected in the paper "A Networked, Media-Rich Programming Environment to Enhance Technological Fluency at After-School Centers in Economically-Disadvantaged Communities," by Mitchel Resnick et al., MIT Media Laboratory, creators of the Scratch programming language and website.


The world-wide network of La Salle Schools and Universities is especially well positioned to take advantage of the collaborative and community building capabilities of the programming language Scratch. By helping students and teachers learn the use and capabilities of Scratch, the group LearnScratch hopes to lend a helping hand in the process of extending its use around the world.

21st Century Skills

The programming language Scratch has been designed to help develop the nine learning skills described in the section Why Learn Scratch. The LearnScratch group supports the development of these learning skills throughout the schools in the global community. Skills in communication, creativity, social responsibility, accountability, adaptability and collaboration for the students of the 21st Century will have a positive effect on the dynamics among the peoples and countries of the world.

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To contact us, send your comments, your requests, your ideas etc. please see the section of "Contact Us."


Other Languages

We are currently developing the French and Spanish language versions of these video tutorials and their corresponding web sites.

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